Common Drain Problems And Why You Need A Plumber

Drains that are in good health should not be slow to clog or run at a high rate of speed. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the signs and symptoms of a drain problem. Regular use of drain clearing products at home or over-the-counter chemical products can cause the problem to worsen or even damage your pipes.

A responsible homeownership approach often involves identifying signs of a problem with your drain and looking at a more expensive solution to prevent costly long-term repairs.

There are many drain problems you need to check for.

Slow Drainage

The speed of healthy pipes is not acceptable. Your pipes may have a clog. Grease clogs tend to be the most common. Grease clogs usually develop from improper drain usage. Grease clogs often form over years from dumping cooking oils, grease, or other waste down the sink. These problems are often minor and start as minor ones. Grease problems can cause pipes to back up or run slowly.

This can lead to clogs in your drain pipes that can be a problem for years. Grease builds up and causes problems. A severe blockage can be caused by more grease, food waste, or other debris sticking to the pipes. The caustic drain cleaning products may temporarily clear the problem, but if the grease remains, the problem will soon return.

However, while these chemicals may work well for clearing drain clogs, repeated use can lead to damage to pipes. An expert can inspect your drainpipe and determine if grease clogs are the cause. Then, they will clean them thoroughly to remove all remaining deposits. By cleaning them thoroughly, you can prevent future obstructions.

Frequent Clogs

If you notice that your drain is clogged frequently, it could be a sign that there is a problem. This could be due to grease, thick food particles, or debris that has been thrown down the drain. If you have any questions, a local plumber Chatswood can help. They can unclog your drain quickly and clean it without causing damage to the drainage system.

Unpleasant Odors

Do you notice a foul odor? You may have food particles in your drain that is clogging it. This can be a sign of a drain issue and can result in a drain blockage. Pests and other insects may be attracted to the smell. All these issues can pose a risk to your family and friends so it is important to get this resolved as soon as you can.

Strange Noises

Unusual sounds from your system could also be a sign of a drain problem. This is a sign that your pipe is not functioning correctly. It roots from the water in its sink trap. A licensed plumber can fix this problem.


You need to call a plumber if your drains are clogged or water is rising from your sink. It is usually caused by a clogged drainage system that causes water to push back up and cause flooding. It is best to contact a local plumbing company if this happens.

Root Infiltration

Surprisingly a root cause of a drain problem could be a tree root. Roots seek out moisture and are strong enough to penetrate sewer and septic system plumbing. Roots will gravitate to pipes with tiny cracks, which allow small amounts of water to seep through the soil. These leaking could be too small for problems, but they can cause root damage.

Roots will rapidly grow out of control if they get inside a pipe. You may notice slow drains or occasional blockages as the first signs. These clogs often form when waste builds up around the roots. Drain-cleaning methods may temporarily clear the blockage but will not fix the root cause.

If your plumber suspects that you have a root cause, they will often use a drain line inspection camera (or similar device) to confirm their suspicions.

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