Signs that your drain needs to be cleaned

Drain cleaning may seem to be a luxury, but it is an essential service. A blocked or unclean drain serves as a breeding ground for germs and mould, both of which may be harmful to your health. In particularly extreme circumstances, it may actually produce sewage blockages after strong rainstorms.

Consider the following symptoms that it’s time to call a plumber to clean your drains.

    This is an issue that is often disregarded. If you see your sink backing up more often than normal, it may be time to get your drains cleaned. If you don’t believe you need a plumber and opt to live with the backed-up sink, it may begin to smell and may begin to drain slowly. Before you realise it, a little backlog has turned into a major issue that requires extensive plumbing repairs.
  2. You have brown stains all over the sink or bathtub.
    Pipe obstructions are major causes of dark stains. This occurs when water becomes stuck in a drain but cannot drain because the obstruction is too great or other pipes are interfering. This is also a hint that your drains need to be cleaned since you should not observe any dark stains.
  3. You have standing water on your floor.
    A pooled toilet is one of the sources of standing water in your home. If you see a lot of standing water, your drains may be plugged. A blocked trash disposal or drain pipe causes this form of water backup. If you have a lot of standing water, it may be time to fix your drain.
  4. You have a sewer odour in your house.
    If you discover a strong sewage odour in your house, this is another evidence that your drains need repair. This may be caused by tree roots that are drawn to the moist, dark environment of your drain lines. This is a more significant issue than the previous three and should be treated promptly by a plumber.
  5. You’ve noticed issues with your toilets.
    Your toilets are among the most sophisticated operating equipment in your home, and they may give you plenty of notice before failing completely. You may have a slow-draining toilet or a bowl that is bulging. It’s also possible that the toilet continues running or refuses to flush at all. Unless the float is out of balance, your toilet should not be gurgling, spitting, or running consistently. These are indications of an approaching issue, which a plumber may resolve.
  6. You see pools of water in the tub.
    A standing water pool in your tub is not unusual, but you don’t want one. If this is occurring, there is most likely a bottleneck someplace. To avoid another problem, replace your drain screens. Hair and soap scum in the drain and shower are other symptoms of a blockage in your bathroom.

7.The Liquid Drain Cleaner has ceased to function.
If you have a drain cleaner at home and it suddenly stops functioning, this is an indication of obstructions. This occurs when the drain cleaner is no longer able to reach the obstruction. If you don’t want to clear your drains by yourself, this is a hint that you should contact a plumber.

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