How to Check for a Leaking Toilet and When to Call a Plumber?

A leaky toilet, in most situations, is not an emergency plumbing concern. Why? Because it occurs so gradually that the symptoms of such a problem are difficult to detect. However, if you see that the warnings have grown constant and are not going away on their own, it may be time to investigate more. The indications are primarily tangible or visible on the surface, making them simple to see with the naked eye.

Symptoms of a Leaking Toilet
A pool of water has formed around the base of your toilet.
Instead of going down the drain, water is flushed into the bathroom.
After flushing, water drips into the toilet bowl
Water seeping from the cistern onto the bathroom floor Water dripping from the toilet bowl
You may take some basic actions before calling your local Sydney plumber.

Determine the source of the leak.
Look into it more. Is it the toilet tank, a rusted bolt, or an internal crack?
If you know how, you can repair it. This is done to avoid additional harm. Who knows, maybe merely repairing the leak will solve the issue.
If all of the foregoing fails, it’s time to contact a local plumber. The culprit is most likely caused by concealed harm that you are unaware of. If replacement is the only option, leave it to a professional.

Toilet Leaks: Possible Causes

What may have caused your toilet to leak? Any of the following, or a combination of them, might be the cause:

Washer And Ball Valve Damage

These pieces are situated within your toilet tank, and if they are damaged, only a plumber can repair or replace the parts. If not corrected, this might result in a brownish stain in the rear of the toilet bowl.

Defective Cistern Parts

Any defective or ageing cistern component must be replaced; otherwise, water will continue to stream into the toilet bowl from the top.

Cracks and/or broken bolts

This causes water to flow down the side of the toilet and pool at its base. Broken bolts must be replaced, but if there are cracks, your toilet bowl must be replaced by a plumber.

Do you know what occurs if leaks are not repaired immediately? Your water costs will rise. Potential damage to areas outside of the toilet, namely the flooring, skirting boards, walls, and carpet.