How to Optimize Your Nightly Health Routine for the Best

It is essential to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It is associated with many things, such as energy, focus, happiness, mood, motivation, etc. Consider what caused you to have a restless night last night. Was it a bad dream or neighbors who were noisy at night, too much thinking, or other reasons? How did that make you feel the next day? You probably felt less than optimal.

Even if you aren’t getting enough sleep every night, can your memory of the last time when you felt recharged, refreshed, and well-rested? Sleep quality and insomnia do not necessarily mean you’re up all night. Sometimes, it is simply a lack of relaxation to get the rest you need. This can manifest in many different ways over time. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including feeling fatigued, tired all day, drained, and antisocial.

What’s Stopping YOU From Enjoying Good Rest?

We will say it: many adults wish they could get better sleep quality. Many factors could cause you to not be able to sleep well. Before we can understand how to optimize your sleep routine to improve quality, let’s look at what could be causing a bad night of rest.

Stress & Anxiety

Stress is the main cause of insomnia. When you have a lot of stress, it can be difficult to relax and fall asleep. Over thinking can cause anxiety. This is because you want to sleep. The problem is that the more you try and fall asleep, the more frustrated it becomes. Stress can also lead to more stress, which creates a negative feedback loop. You may have heard friends or family describe it as “not having the ability to shut off my brain”.

Stress and anxiety can impact your ability to sleep. This could result in waking up several hours a day, having trouble falling asleep, or having to toss and turn. These conditions are not conducive to getting enough sleep or allowing your body the opportunity to properly recharge.

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Different people have different reactions to drugs and other substances. Some people can get an espresso before bedtime and still feel awake until the morning. If you’re not one of those people, caffeine or other stimulant substances can keep a person awake and alert longer than they want. This can cause exhaustion, and eventually, fatigue.

When you’re tired, have trouble sleeping, or feel particularly tired, you might want to make a habit of drinking multiple cups of caffeine to get your work done. You may find that too much caffeine throughout your day can impact your ability and sleep quality later in the evening. The next thing you realize, it’s back again. You are now perpetually tired and not getting what you deserve.

It’s tempting to go out for a glass after work or have a few beers before bed. Be aware of alcohol and other depression medications. Drinking too much alcohol can harm your sleep.

Inconstant Sleep Schedule

Every once in a while, you may find that you can binge-watch an entire series of television shows until the small hours of the night. Sometimes you might go on an outing and stay up way later than your schedule. It could be that you are working a full-time job and wake up earlier than usual. Or, perhaps you work all night to finish deadlines or complete projects. The next day, you may sleep until mid-afternoon if there is a rest day.

Even though circumstances are always changing, our main concern is the consistency in the sleep schedule. Without a consistent schedule, your body won’t be able to establish a circadian rhythm. Your mind is not able to know when it “rests,” which can make falling asleep as well as staying asleep much more difficult. This can also have an impact on the quality of sleep and cause exhaustion.

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